Consistency just isn't Me | Freebie

Especially when it comes to blogging unfortunately :/ Maybe I will resolve to keep up with that (and my laundry..) better in the New Year! Being cooped up here at my 'second home' has helped me get ahead on my Project Life pages pretty quickly for 2014, leaving spaces for journaling and whatever pictures I'll come up with at that point, so hopefully that will help me keep that resolution. I have a few other resolutions I'd like to make, and KEEP, but I think that is another post for another time. Buuuut on this dreary, rainy day there really isn't much else to do but blog, puke and pinterest like a madwoman.

Speaking of the New Year, I decided to make a couple filler/journal cards for Project Life that I am sharing with all of you! They're very simplistic and clean looking, if I do say so myself. I think I may choose to go with a more colorful approach to my PL2014 but I really love these too.. so we will just have to wait and see. Click the photo below to download the cards and visit the Freebies page for digital template downloads as well as any other freebies I will be adding sporadically!
Click Here to Download

I'd love to hear from those that download and use these. Feel free to drop me a comment letting me know whatcha think, what you'd like to see more of and how you plan to keep organized and consistent with your own Project Life! Enjoy!